Friday, 3 September 2010

Twitter - un-followers

I have some police stats to share for daily, weekly and monthly tweets and followers since the launch in May 2010.

The first chart shows cumulative counts of tweets and followers.

Target volumes for tweets are no more than 5 per day and this rate has remained constant.

The rate of followers has gradually increased.  The slight drops are adjustments at the end of each month for those who unfollowed (more about that below).
A consistent pattern of increasing followers is emerging and this is most easily seen in the monthly chart.  If this trend continues, we can expect 400 followers per month by December 2010.
During August 2010 there were were 234 followers and 16 of those un-followed during the same month.

103 of these followers were from the force area.

Out of 16 un-followers, 19% (3 un-followers) were from the force area while the remaining 81% (13 un-followers) were from elsewhere.

So out of 103 followers from the force area during August, only 3 un-followed within the same month.

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