Wednesday, 25 August 2010

National Guides around Social Media Setup and Usage

One of the things that I am looking to move forward within the National Police Web Managers Group is our strong belief of working in collaboration for the interest of all police forces.

We have for a number of years been looking at collaboration and have worked on a number of projects such as the initial Crime Mapping system in 2008, the PNLD Ask the Police API to a name a couple.

Many of us are acutely aware that we are duplicating work of fellow colleagues within other forces and also other partner agencies by looking at Social Media Channels for the force that we represent.

What I would like to propose is that a working group of a number of web managers from different forces, who have experience in a specific SM channel to work virtually on producing a national strategy on how forces should use the system and also how they should setup the system. This will mean that instead of 43 Web Managers individually researching this we could have a core group of 4-5 web managers working on behalf of all forces.

This would then mean that another group of web managers could look at another SM channel and produce guidance/setup details for it, and so forth....

Would this not be a better use of Web Managers time throughout the service. We would naturally work with partners such as the NPIA, Home Office, DirectGov and local government as well as expert representatives from the community.

This is something that we are seeking support for and I would welcome comments on the post on how we can take this forward or suggestions of items that we should address.

Posted by: Sasha Taylor


  1. One possibility is to share existing research and Social Media Strategies which already exist.

  2. I agree with David, there are already systems in place for sharing research and startegies, not least the National Police Web Managers Group.

    I'm not aware of that much duplication of work, in fact my experience is the opposite there is a great deal of sharing going on.

    There is an ongoing debate about the need for a national strategy and I believe that the NPWMG have a significant role in articulating the business case.