Saturday, 21 August 2010

Twitter stats

Police forces on Twitter - August 2010

This is a graph to show the forces who are using Twitter.  The force with the most tweets on the left and the forces currently not using twitter on the right.  Everyone else in the middle! Interesting to note is the range of tweets (red) compared with the followers (blue).  Also, it seems not many forces feel it is important to follow those people who are following them.

This map shows the forces (blue) who are currently using Twitter with those not yet involved in yellow.

It would be interesting to know if any of the 10 forces not yet on Twitter are planning their introduction or have already decided against it.

If I have this wrong, of if any forces join Twitter in the coming months, please comment and let me know.  In six months time, it will be interesting to see if there is a difference in the coverage on this map.

I'll aim to do a similar blog entry for forces on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

Update - September 1, 2010

Firstly sorry to Hampshire Police for missing their Twitter site off the original post.  Not quite sure how I missed it!
@Hantspolice - 170 tweets, following 329, 810 followers.

Also, Nottinghamshire Police launched their Twitter site today! Help them get started

That takes the tally of police forces that tweet to 35 with only 8 still to join in the fun.

I have the September stats, graphs and map all ready to upload so look out for the latest Twitter stats post on Friday.

And finally, has anyone discovered AudioBoo yet?

This site is a perfect complement to the social media sites.  Audio can be uploaded in a similar way to Twitter and there are close links to Twitter, Facebook and podcasts with iTunes.


  1. David

    I think this is a really useful piece of work, thank you.


  2. Hi David

    You show Hampshire and the Isle of Wight as not being on Twitter, however we are! Our corporate Twitter account is called HantsPolice.

    We're also on Facebook and YouTube. I don't believe we have a corporate Flickr account but I'll check...

    Kind regards,

  3. Kerry - So sorry I missed you! I have updated the post and I'll put up another for September on Friday. I hope to do a monthly post so we can see how things are moving on over time.

  4. Cheers for that! FYI, ready for your future posts, Hampshire Constabulary don't currently have a Flickr account.

  5. Gloucestershire Constabulary have finally taken the Twitter plunge....