Sunday, 3 October 2010

Twitter - followers September 2010

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This graph shows the number of followers during August compared with September for English and Welsh police services.

As can be seen from the graph, police services are getting an average of about 100 extra followers each month.  Previous research showed that only about 50% of these are local businesses and public so this reduces the average to 50 relevant followers per month.

Key stats for September 2010

4,268 extra followers for September
34,480 followers in total
3,098 tweets in September
30,736 tweets in total
3,618,144 messages delivered in September


  1. Nice graph, but the problem with analysis of followers of 'official' Twitter feeds is that it ignores people who tweet from within the organisation and those who follow them.

    Apart from my own force I don't follow any force level feed, but I do follow loads of people from within those forces.

  2. My force is still feeling its way into Twitter so we only have 1 channel. If and when we are able to roll out twitter for individual officers, I'll be very happy to do some analysis on those types of channels.

    Maybe there are others who would be interested in producing some observations on their officer tweets for this blog?

  3. Followers can also include a lot of spam accounts so it's hard to see the real value in a simple figure.

  4. Regarding the spam accounts comment. I had a closer look at this issue in my blog entry 'who's following who'.

    It seems that although there will always be spam accounts, it is safe to conclude that at least 40%-50% of followers are either local people or businesses interested in the channel.

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